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Beef Joints

Beef Fillet Joint (1 x 500g)

The leanest but most tender cut of beef available. guaranteed to be fat free, succulent and full of flavour.

Boned & Rolled Fore Rib (700-800g)

Mature fore rib of beef which has been carefully deboned and rolled for ease of carving. Marbled with fat to ensure a rich, full flavour.

Brisket Joint (700-800g)

A small rolled joint suitable for pot roasting. Also great in the slow cooker!

Fore Rib On The Bone (1.2 - 1.5kg)

Mature fore rib, chined to make carving more simple but leaving the ribs in to give you a fantastic centre piece for the table which will be full of flavour.

Silverside Joint (700-800g)

A lean roasting beef joint with a slightly more coarse texture than the topside joint. For the best results, cook slowly and baste often.

Sirloin Joint (700-800g)

A boneless sirloin of beef rolled with some marbling to give a full flavour. A truly succulent joint of beef, perfect for a Sunday roast.

Topside Joint (700-800g)

A very lean beef roasting joint rolled from our mature beef. A Sunday roast must!