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Poultry Chicken Portions On The Bone

Chicken Drumsticks (4 x 125g)

Succulent, meaty Chicken drumsticks, a real family favourite.

Chicken Leg 1/4 (1 x 275g)

The leg portion comprises of the Drumstick & Thigh of the chicken. Soft and dark meat absolutely bursting with flavour.

Chicken Thighs (4 x 150g)

A very versatile product which can be roasted, barbecued or pan fried. Always stays moist because of the small amount of fat which surrounds it. A very succulent and flavoursome cut.

Chicken Wing 1/4 (1 x 300g)

A Succulent chicken breast on the bone, giving maximum flavour. The bone also helps to stop the breast from drying out, ensuring you end up with a succulent, juicy fillet.